Tape gags and/or tape bondage only......


Harmony had a model in the 1990s named Juliet Romano who was famous for being able to comfortably take a three-inch ballgag. She said that women with the smallest mouths often wind up being the ones able to take the biggest gags. This isn’t Juliet Romano, but it’s nice to see another model unafraid to try a larger gag.

Very nice…..

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Ok folks, I’m looking for some pictures. The collection is a bit older. 70’s maybe? They include a young woman (fully clothed) in shrink wrap mummification and shrink wrapped to a chair. The file names start with “coll”. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous asked: Are you ever going to upload anything again or are you going to just let everyone else do the work? No balls = no public reply.

Hey asshole. Some of us have lives, jobs, etc. While I do enjoy this blog very much, it doesn’t pay the bills. In other words, I will post shit when I have time and not before.

Oh, and…….
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